Mad English Brand


                                Founded Est. 2016

Mad English Brand is an American apparel company located in Miami, Florida. The company has been serving fashion lovers since 2016, producing a wide variety of high quality Italian handmade products. There are number of products the label (Mad English) currently and plans to release in the coming years. The label plans to offer products including footwear, clothing, and accessories.

The Mad English Brand was founded by Jamaican born record producer, Keon Mad English Pearce, in the Spring of 2016. Keon was sitting at his music production desk on a typical day in May, contemplating on the next hit. Suddenly, he ended up focusing on his shoe-rack displaying the many kinds and names of shoes he

possesses; but none bearing his name. Being the son of a former taylor, Keon decided that he was going to use the inspiration from his father, and his late great-uncle the shoemaker and continue the old family love.

Old-Fashioned Clock

Special Notes
Mad English Brand is currently doing favorably in Africa, Caribbean Dancehall markets with aspirations to become a dominant figure in the fashion industry.

The sales department is located in the South Florida area serving orders made on the website
http://www.madenglishbrand.com with various promotions and special offers available.



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More About Us

All shoes are created using pristine Italian leather or suede, and in some cases organic canvas is available, too. We also provide limited edition, cruelty free vegan leathers